Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i've thouroughly enjoyed spending my days with this little one this summer
last summer i was on survival mode as we both tried to assimilate to our new life
but this year it has been so much easier

now, at almost 3 years old she is always ready to "go"
there are no diapers and wipes needed
i'm so thankful for a potty trained child!
she doesn't need a sippy cup or special kid treat
as long as she's with me and i have gum, she's good to go!

and we've gone a lot
although we haven't gone out of town or on vacation

she's gotten into this "princess smile" where she sticks out her front teeth a bit 
and it cracks me up!
she stops and sometimes even looks at the camera now
she is usually in a good mood and very obedient

i have two dresses like this one below and i love how short they are on her
i love it when most of her legs are showing like shirley temple

will she still wear monogrammed panties when she's 16?
i hope so!

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