Thursday, July 28, 2011


i've often wondered when molly may realize her fingers and toes are different from others
when would she ask her first questions?
when might she feel different?

i have loved every minute of her at two years old
at this age children are perfectly oblivious to differences
she doesn't even recognize that she doesn't look like me
or that her fingers and toes are different
she only knows me as mommy
and as far as she's concerned i may have well birthed her
because to a 2 year old, it's all the same

well, today she very matter of factly said,
"i don't have all of my toes"

and my questions was answered
at nearly 3 years old, she has noticed

i was walking around the house barefoot (as i usually do)
and she looked at my feet and looked at her feet and just said that one statement

it caught me off guard for a minute
but, then i just knelt down to her and said
"no, you don't have all of your toes.  your toes are different, but they are perfect.
you are able to do everything anyone else can do, right?"
and, she just said,
"yeah, mine are different!"
and ran off to play again

i'm not sure if one of the kids at daycare may have pointed her difference out to her today and so it was on her mind or if she just came to the statement on her own
either way, she wasn't upset about it
and i know it is the first of many conversations we may have about her difference...
her difference that i never see anymore

but her hands and feet are the ones i prayed for 
for so long
i'm just thankful to God for them everyday!

(mom said the flower was too big...could there be such a thing as a hair accessory that is too big??)

and just as a side note b/c i know i'll forget these moments
she has started to say the funniest thing in lieu of "please"
whenever she needs something she will say,
"can i have some milk please and thank you they are the magic words?"
"can i watch a movie please and thank you they are the magic words?
it's a phrase on a barney video that she has seen for a while, but now she just says it matter of factly!

also if she tells me something and i'm not looking at her she says,
"mommy, listen to me!"

the last cute thing i want to remember is that she will run up to me and say
"na, na, na, na you can't catch me"
and will proceed to run away, usually to my bed and wait for me to tickle her all over
and then we end up running all through the house with the "tickle monster" out to get her
sometimes i wonder how long these cute phases will last
i wish it would last forever...

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Jen said...

What a sweet, precious girl. Yes her fingers and toes may be different, but there's nothing wrong with being different. So glad she had such a carefree attitude about it. Love it!

Love the flower in her hair, but did you see some of the hats at the recent royal wedding? LOL. There may be such a thing as a hat that is too big (or just plain hideous). But a flower? Never! :)

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