Friday, July 29, 2011

dentist visit

molly had her second dental appointment this week
and she was not a fan

as you can see here
and here...drawing her line in the sand and refusing to open her mouth!
glances of cartoons overhead did not help
and here, she was adamant to push away the hygienist
finally i helped to hold her arms while the hygienist did a quick brush and clean and she was almost done
i was whispering in her ear how much she was scaring the boys around her for screaming
and how it was no different than we had practiced at home
but she wasn't sure
while we waited for the dentist we practiced opening wide!
and she was pretty good for him 
and we left with a new toothbrush
and an appointment in 6 more months...
i hope we do better the 3rd visit!

{she got a clean report, btw}
and if you want to look back to her first dental appointment you can click here
or check out this picture from October 2010...

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Bless her heart. Hope the next time it will be eaiser on her and you.

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