Monday, August 1, 2011


this weekend mom and i took the kids out to celebrate little eddie's bday
he will turn 4 on wednesday
time flies...

so we loaded them up and were off to the mall
build a bear was our destination
i took a little detour to get some photos of the crew
so cute holding hands!

check out madison's:
1. pose
2. purse
3.  hair accesories
the girl has got it goin' on!!
how about this little guy?
spiked hair
no front teeth
can he get any cuter?

 eddie's out numbered
both eddie's are outnumbered in our family actually!
4 years old on wednesday!
what a cutie!!

{actual pictures of build a bear to come...}


Cheryl said...

Your are such a great photographer!
I love the pic.

jj frog's mom said...

Did little Eddie lose his two front teeth naturally? Or, are they missing as the result of an accident?

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