Sunday, July 31, 2011

Target Toy Clearance 2011

i found some great deals this week at the semi annual target summer toy clearance
all of these items were marked down 75% from the sticker price
i spent about $100 for christmas  and birthday for molly, her cousins, and friends

santa's workshop
fun playdoh sets were $3.24 each
fold out baby doll beds...aroudn $2
all of the dolls were about $6 each
these play dough sets have been the most fun
they were the one thing i didn't pack up
they were only $1.98 each 
all of them tell a story (red riding hood, 3 pigs, hansel and gretel)
molly loves them!
the games were so cheap...around $3 each
love these nesting monkeys... $2

toy story dino...$5 ish
angelina ballerina

strawberry shortcake
more baby dolls

all in all, nothing was more than $6 
so it looks like i'm set on toys and gifts for a while

i really try to have most of christmas shopping done in the summer time
because once school starts it seems like christmas is here in no time
and the entire fall season is so rushed!

ok, now i'm off to find some storage:)

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