Saturday, September 10, 2011

radio flyer

i saw this cute radio flyer tricycle at a local consignment store and had to have it for molly
it was meant for her third bday
turning 3 justifies a tricycle i think
but i never put it in storage to save for her actual bday
so she started to use it early
i've had it for a while 
and didn't know the seat was adjustable
so, once i lowered it molly could actually reach the pedals
and off she went!
we live in the perfect house for us
the perfect street (with the perfect neighbors)
i'm so spoiled:)
but, our little culdesac is the perfect place to practice such skills as riding a tricycle
we've certainly enjoyed practicing this week in the cooler weather
she was really striking a pose for me during this little photo shoot:)

so classic and retro

practicing her silly faces...sad
scared (or surprised?)


the bell...her favorite part

ta da!
so big!!


Anonymous said...

I think that last one would be a GREAT Christmas card picture!!! Adorable :)

Becky said...

Cute pictures. I love houses on cul-de-sacs. We do not live in one, but the daughter with triplets does. So perfect for them. They are at the end which I am sure the neighbors love too!

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