Saturday, September 10, 2011

thomas the train

molly's birthday is one week away 
today we began the celebration by going to see thomas the train
she sported her birthday girl tshirt
and posed a little for mom:)

we had a 20 minute ride on the train

taking self portraits
it's so hard getting good pictures of both of us

then we had a long wait in the hot sun just to get a picture in front of thomas
by the time we got to the front she was tired and hot and would not cooperate for a picture:(

this is what she did for the photographer...completely turned around
but, after standing in line for so long she wanted to actually look at thomas
made sense to me!

did you know there is a molly train?

1 comment:

Sis said...

Hi there! thanks SOOOOO much for your sweet and supportive comment on my blog ( So needed to hear that. Being a single woman and a person of faith, it is so amazing and an answer to prayer to know that there are others out there that have successfully become mommy through this process.
I so agree with you about reading and enjoying the blogs of others. It keeps me going on many a day that I feel tired and wonder if this will really ever come true. thanks for your support. I will definitely keep in touch and read your journey as it continues to unfold. Molly is BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a treasure!


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