Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

We had a beautiful fall day today as we relaxed and recovered from Molly's big birthday party!
We pass by this beautiful home almost every day and they have decorated with the best fall decor recently
I made a quick stop to take some photos of Ms. Molly
(didn't think they would mind borrowing their scenery:))
after all, this is officially her last day of being a 2 year old
sniff, sniff:(


Virginia said...

Such a cutie pie!! Don't worry, Three is pretty great, too.

Stefanie said...

What fun!
She is adorable - and that shirt looks so precious on her :)

Kristi said...

Really cute pictures! And what is it about "the last day of (fill in age or stage of life)" that gets us moms all choked up? Honestly...
But I will say that on round four of having a three year old in the house, I think it has been one of my favorite ages!

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