Saturday, September 17, 2011

molly's birthday week!

this has been a busy and hectic week as i've been preparing for molly's bday party
now, it's over
the house is clean again
the dishes have been washed and put away (thanks, nancy!)
molly is napping
and i'm enjoying some peace, quiet, and rest 

i'm looking through pictures from this week (and have a lot to post:))
but first, i wanted to take a look back
has it really been a whole year since we were celebrating her 2nd birthday??

 she wore her birthday dress from last year this week
and here are some comparison shots
 you can clearly see the baby-ish look fading
and the little girl shining through
kind of makes me want to cry knowing how fast life happens!

 totally not sure what she is doing in the following shots
maybe karate?
flash mob?

i have lots more to post about
but, i'm going to take advantage of my quiet home, a bad football game, and sunset to take a little siesta!
i will have much more soon...

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