Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thankful for this day and wishing for a hundred more just like it:)

 i've enjoyed having this whole week of thanksgiving off
quite unexpectedly, molly was sick last weekend and needed monday and tuesday to recover
i wanted her to be 100% healthy by thanksgiving when we would be busy visiting and playing with cousins
she has recuperated from her cough/fever/cold symptoms and is ready for the big day tomorrow!

 here we are whipping up some great things for the big day...

 last night we had the pleasure of hosting madison for the night
it was so fun!
today gave me one of those rare glimpses of my future if i had two daughters
and i must say, i love it!
i just loved how they played so well together, invented games to play, and problem solved things together
sure, they created a huge mess in my house, but that's just part of it
we cooked, played, crafted, dressed up, and ate yummy food!
{i'd love to adopt again, but i really don't see it in my financial future:(}
 this morning we had some thanksgiving craft time...

 i forgot to get an after picture of their turkey hands:( 
madison is such a consientious crafter
this is what they made: {thanks to pinterest}

madison made about 6 turkey cookies and molly just ate the middle parts of 6 cookies and watched maddie work! ha!

madison made a his and her turkey couple!
this is the inspirations photo:

the remnants of molly's snack
and my favorite!  as soon as madison left, molly was completely zonked out, exhausted!  this is what we all will look like tomorrow night!

while they played all afternoon i got my house almost completely decorated for christmas!  (of course, they trashed the bedrooms and my closet which will have to be cleaned, but they had such fun!)  i have a few finishing touches her and there and then i have lots to do outside.  but, it looks like i may be finished with everything by saturday!  i love it when things are done and you can enjoy the month of december!  i even have santa's presents purchased, wrapped, and put away.  i scaled way back this year because i realized last year on christmas morning she was just too overwhelmed to "comprehend" too many presents.  so, she has 4 gifts plus stocking treats and that is plenty for a 3 year old!  

anyway, i hope you have a wonderful turkey day and 
gobble 'til you wobble!


Judi said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Amy and Molly! Loved all your turkey crafts!

Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Loved reading this post. Looked like the girls had soooo much fun. I wish #2 could be in your financial future, but I understand. #3 is most def. not in our financial future! More reason to have lots of playdates and sleepovers w/ friends, and then again, maybe God will move things so that #2 will happen for you. You never know! God bless.

Angie said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the turkey bean craft! May have to try that next year with my kiddos!

Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

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