Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving day recap

we had a wonderful thanksgiving day!
 we started by watching all of the macy's parade in our pj's while we snacked on a light breakfast
 molly started to check out the christmas decor that i put out yesterday

 mama maze gave her this thomas train track & train as an early christmas present this week
we put the track around the christmas tree and she has played and played with it!
isn't it amazing what a new toy will do?
 of course some of the trains end up in odd hanging from the blinds!
 after the parade, we gathered up our food, got dressed, and went to my aunt fayes for lunch

 our family tradition...we always have homemade noodles and a german chocolate cake made from scratch!

 kayla and molly (6 months apart in age)

 aunt faye had the cutest turkey butter on the table!
all the kids...
kayla (3), eddie (4), molly (3), madison (5)
they ran around and played the whole time and didn't eat one bite!
we played one quick game of 'pin the hat on the turkey'
{mental note:  plan more kid activities for next year}
when we were ready to leave all the kids were hungry and asking for food! ha!

round 1 down, round 2 tomorrow:)


caryn said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Those noodles look so good, actually all the food does!

Becky said...

The 'cousins' in our family are very close in age too and love being together. This Thanksgiving we invited some people who would have been alone to join us. We had it at the church so the kids could play basketball and in the bounce house. We had 15 kids ages 8 and under and they were wonderful!

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