Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas at Opryland

today we all went to the Opryland Hotel to see all of the decorations and sites
we were really bravin' it with all 3 kids together
but, they did really well considering the crowd and lots of walking!
 we attempted picture after picture but as you can imagine
there were too many distractions for them to really focus
they did look so cute in their christmas best!!
 such little cutie pies:)
after these first pictures we lost molly's headband:(
it always happens!

 i told molly to cross her legs...and she did
i meant more to cross her feet, but it was hilarious!

 this was the holly jolly town square
they had it set up like the 1940's with a drugstore, post office, bakery, library, etc.
they all rode the train!

 then we took a snack break and listened to the music and entertainment 
and this singer asked for madison to come to the stage to show everyone her dress
but, madison was too scared/shy
 but you know who wasn't so shy...
ms. molly!
it was so funny
she walked right up there and was ready to perform
i think she is especially intrigued with microphones b/c she always wants to sing into them
she also loves keyboards/pianos/guitars

 after a while she turned around and picked up an extra microphone and totally started singing 'santa claus is coming to town' while the lady played the piano for her
it was so funny!  i could not believe she did that!
 when we got home we saw a HUGE SURPRISE on our front porch!
our neighbors are in the midst of moving and decided to pass on their radio flyer pony to molly
she was so excited!

 she had played on it at their house this summer
so she knew exactly what to do
she's been riding the pony all afternoon
so thankful for a two week break to enjoy this holiday season!!


Cheryl said...

Now that was an exciting day. I'm sure you were all smiles when she was singing, so cute. Love your pics and such a nice surprise with the rocking horse.

Jen said...

The hotel looked so pretty. Haven't seen it in years! So glad you guys got to go out and enjoy it. Love that your little one is so brave, getting up on stage like that. Our Emma would never, but our older daughter would in a second! What a sweet surprise when you got home. Love it!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Wow - the kids looked so beautiful in their Christmas best!

That rocking hor is a SWEET gift from the neighbors!!

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