Sunday, December 11, 2011

cute dresses and the nutcracker

i love this little smocked rudolph dress
and the cutie pie in it! ha!
the red tights and the red shoes are so festive!

 this is another cutie pie dress from last year
love it!

 i love this red coat too!
 yesterday molly and i went to the nutcracker
we were running late, so i couldn't get a good picture of her little plaid dress
but, it is adorable!

 she wanted her picture with the bear
 but, when she was actually face to face she wasn't so sure!

 she was so good at the performance
completely taken away with the dancers, costumes, music, and drama of it all
she kept saying..."what's going to happen next?"
 her hat looked so cute, but she wouldn't pose for me
she fell asleep at the end of the performance...missing the last 10 minutes of it all
 when we came home we changed into "comfy clothes" and i gave her an early christmas gift
 i debated over whether to get a nutcracker or a snow globe to remember her first nutcracker performace
i settled on this snow globe from target that has the ballerina inside and plays the nutcracker suite
it also has the year on the front
i hope she doesn't break it!

 we made and decorated some cookies and watched christmas movies for the rest of the night

it was so fun and relaxing!


Cheryl said...

Miss Molly is such a good model.
Her dresses are beautiful.

Angie said...

What a super fun day! I can't get Emma to stand still for a picture...drives me batty! Beautiful girl! And your decorations look so lovely!

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