Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas decor

thanks to aunt judy i had 6 wreaths to hang on my windows this year for the holidays
i bought the pre-tied red bows and tied them on with floral wire
i hung them with the clear suctions cup thingies you can buy at any store
they haven't come off in two weeks, so i think we are good

 it's hard to get a good pic of my full house b/c i'm shooting with a 35mm lens
(my other lens broke)
but, i put outside lights up for the first time this year
not on my house, just the trees/bushes in front
perhaps, next year i'll add house lights:)
 i do want two more wreathes for the dormer windows...and a tall ladder to climb on
another year
i love the lighted swag i bought last year from qvc (of all places!)
it lights up on a timer w/ batteries
would love to find a similar product for my window wreaths so they could light up too!

 i bought rudolph and frosty on clearance after the new year at target
they were less than $ cute!

 i do have a tree skirt...i think molly was playing with it
 i added live greenery inside the house to smell like christmas a bit
just realized there is no photo of my hearth:(  
i will have to take one this week

 i love this end of the see the tree glow from inside


Becky said...

I really like your house! There is one that looks like it near my boss. We live in a big, old house - right in 'da hood'.

Jodee said...

Your house looks sooo pretty all decked out for the holidays!

Cheryl said...

Love your decorations, good job!

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