Saturday, February 25, 2012

all aboard!

this is one of molly's favorite gifts from christmas!
she loves to get her train tracks out and play with all of her trains.
it will occupy her for quite awhile as she carefully builds her train and watches them ride through her track.
 and for the first time i'm also learning about trains & tracks
such as which trains go with the wooden tracks versus the take n play track 

and which generic brand trains will match up with her thomas trains
i'm on a learning curve for sure
because all i cared about as a young girl was dolls! 

 we live about a mile away from a train track and at certain times of the day we can hear the train come through town
blowing it's horn and chugging along
molly is convinced that it's the polar express coming to take her to the north pole to see santa! 
she will rush to the front door to see if it's coming and then after she realized it isn't here
she will talk about next time.
melt. my. heart.
 i'm going to ride the wave of her love for trains and take her to the chattanooga choo choo for a night during my spring break!  i think she will love actually spending the night in a train car!
then we will go to the Chattanooga Aquarium for a day.
i'm trying to build her stamina for a possible disney trip this fall, but i'm not totally sure it's in the budget...i'm trying to cut back in other areas!
 i love all of the different faces of the thomas trains...
 but this face is my favorite...even while showing off her bubble gum! 
(another favorite habit, she is her mother's daughter after all:)

 the molly train

what is your child's favorite christmas toy they are still playing with?


Judi said...

Both Haleigh and our grandson, Romey, love Thomas trains. Haleigh wanted (and got) an electric train for under the tree this year and loved it. Our son-in-law was "so jealous" that he went out and bought one for himself. He said there was no way that his little sister-in-law was going to have a nicer train than he did! LOL! I guess you never outgrow the love of trains!

Tricia said...

Maggie loves trains too. She was into Thomas for awhile but LOVES Chuggington the most. The Ikea tracks and trains (read cheap) work with the Thomas trains and the Chuggington magnetic ones. We have a day out with Thomas coming up soon at the railroad in Calera if you want to bring her for a weekend. It is a lot of fun. Take care.

Becky said...

We live in 'train city'. I'm telling you sometimes it is impossible to get from one side of the city to the other. We actually have some type of contraption in our city that turns trains around and itis one of two in the country. None of my grandchildren are into trains - probably because they see them so often!!

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