Sunday, April 15, 2012


It's been a jam packed week from Easter until today and I'm just now sorting through pictures.
We had a wonderful Easter weekend.
 The Easter Bunny came to our house!

 The Easter Bunny found a great deal on a Snow White Barbie Doll with her matching horse:)
 Molly loved brushing the horse hair

 She also got a little candy and other small toys to play with
She was happy with her finds...

 We got dressed up and went to church with Granny

 So hard to get a good picture of a smiling kid in the sunshine!!
 After church, I hosted everyone at our house for Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt!
This is Granny Maze and her youngest 4 great grandchildren...
Madison (6), Eddie (4), Kayla (4), and Molly (3)
 These 4 are so cute!  They played well together:)
 The oldest great grandchild is Kelsie, she is 16
 The whole crew...Aunt Faye, mom, eddie, me, Tiffany, and Granny (Ambre was taking the picture)
 We had a wonderful lunch of grilled chicken, asian cole slaw, hashbrown casserole, green bean casserole, strawberry salad, and lots of deserts.  So yummy!
Then we were ready for the egg hung...

 It was such a pretty day we brought one of the tables outside to sit and talk...and eat some more...
 Between the 3 moms, we had 3 dslr cameras going together...

 After we had the egg hunt we played ball and rode tricycles around the cul de sac 

It was a great day:)

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