Sunday, April 15, 2012


Shaohannah's Hope is an orphan ministry created by Steven and Mary Beth Chapman that provides adoption grants for families and medical care for orphans with special needs.  I was fortunate to receive a grant from them when I adopted Molly.

For several years now they have presented Cinderella along with the Nashville Symphony as a fundraiser for their organization.  Last year I was fortunate to have some tickets to really good seats and we had a great night out.  This year I wasn't planning on attending, but at the last minute Show Hope sent an email to their families offering free tickets if we agreed to work for them that night.  

I was excited to see the performance again and this year I asked mom to go with us.  
Molly got dressed in her special Cinderella dress for the occasion and off we went.  

 They had "princesses" dressed up outside, but Molly was hesitant to go up to them again this year.
It's funny how she'll willingly go to the Easter Bunny, Santa, Barney, and Chuck E Cheese, but will not go up to princesses????

We had really great seats again this year...second row
But, unfortunately they changed the stage set up and the orchestra was right in front with the stage behind them.
So we really could not see anything:(
Molly tried to stand on my lap to see, but it wasn't working. 
So we left at intermission and did not get a chance to collect money for Show Hope which was at the end of the show.  
Maybe we'll try again next year.

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