Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pre-K 3 Screening

Look at my little school girl!
Saturday was her "screening" for the 3 year old class she will go to in the fall
 She was super excited to go to "big school" and see new friends
 I think she is going to love it, once she gets the hang of it...

 It was really her hair kept flying everywhere
Exactly one minute after this photo was taken
all of her smiles turned to tears because she fell on one of those steps and skinned both knees and one hand!:(
Major trauma...because as you know once they have something like that happen, throwing them into a new situation (like big school) is not a good thing!
So there was a kind teacher who offered us some band aids and neosporin to which molly growled....
Then I had to complete some forms and the teachers came to call all of the kids to the classroom and
my child was the only one who was crying and wanting to be held.
those moments are so embarrassing!!!

so i walked her to the classroom and she got distracted for a moment looking at the playground and I took off...
once she got into the classroom she was ok.
I'm not sure she was so pleasant (b/c of course she had the grumps from her fall)
But, when she did come back she was smiling and said, "Mommy, I quit crying!"
and then, I was happy!!

{oh yeah, and the teacher told me she was "so smart"!}

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Louise said...

I found your blog through an old link up from
Kelly's kroner.... Just wanted to say hi.... Your daughter is close in age to mine and is just adorable best of luck with school!


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