Sunday, May 13, 2012

Field Trip to the Farm

this weekend we enjoyed a field trip to my cousin's farm
i've been telling molly we would go to see the "real wilbur" for a while now and  we had so much fun!

my cousin lives and works on a very old family farm in murfreesboro, tn and they raise pigs
there were about 700 pigs for molly to look at and enjoy today and boy did we learn a lot!

 this is molly and his two daughters who are "experts" at farm life and pigs!
 her first glance at the big pigs
she was surprised to see them so big
she assumed all pigs were little bitty like in the movie!
 they are so yucky and dirty and smelly!

 this is the real wilbur from the 2006 remake of charlotte's web!
(well, one of them...i think they used many different pigs in the actual filming)
he's famous and is used to people so he gladly walked right up to us and "smiled" for a picture!
seriously, doesn't it look like he's posing?
 these 3 were so cute together!
 did you know it only takes about 6 months for pigs to grow to 250 pounds...ready for the slaughter
sorry piggies:(
 and here molly is holding her first piglet!
when she walked into this "nursery" and smelled, heard, saw all the piggies she was so excited!!
 this piglet is about 2 weeks old

 and here she is holding a kitten the girls had rescued from the barn
she really is an animal person (don't know where she gets that from, b/c i'm not)
but, she loves kittens/cats!
and, really wanted to take him home

what a fun day!

1 comment:

groovy mama said...

OMG you have got to get a kitty! She is just too sweet with him....precious soul!
Ella would of not been that nice.....yes you need a cat, we have one and they are low maintaince!
hugs-Happy Spring

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