Sunday, May 27, 2012

how do you stop time?

this question has popped into my head more than once lately
as i watch my beauiful baby turned toddler turned little girl my heart fills with joy and sadness simutaneously
last weekend i went to a high school graduation party for a sweet girl my mom and  i used to babysit
it seems like yesterday i was watching her and her sister and now they're grown
they had a lovely slideshow of pictures and i watched as her childhood played in front of my eyes
going from baby to birthday parties to preteen years and then on to prom pictures and high school memories
and i just couldn't believe that i will be doing this with molly in 14 short years

somebody please stop time!!!
as i put molly in the car to go home i told her i didn't want her to grow up anymore
she said she may just grow "a little bit"
but, i went on to tell her i never wanted her to be a teenage girl
i wanted her to stay 3 years old forever, so she said "ok"

i'm so glad we have a deal!

this week as i've dropped her off each morning i've told her "remember our promise, don't you grow any today"
she said, "i won't grow like the flowers, mom"
so i replied, "right, don't even drink any water because i don't want you to grow any before i come back this afternoon"
she thinks it's fun now!
when i come to get her in the afternoon, she says "look mom, i didn't growed up!"

and i look at her and i just know she has!
she is
and she will grow.

it breaks my heart!
i guess i've been overly sentimental this month because we have converted her room to a full size bed
selling all of her baby bedding and toddler bed and just so many precious items that i have had for so long in anticipation of molly coming
and now she's already outgrown it all:(
i would have it all packed up and ready to sell and then everytime i walked by the "baby stuff" i would reach inside and grab something i decided to know, something to pass on to her for her child when she's older aka...something to store in my closet for when i'm ready to emotionally detatch from it!
i'm officially out of school for summer break now
and i intend to spend some quality time with this girl because i know how quickly time is passing us by
and, my summer is cut short this year because i'm having a hysterectomy in july and then school starts back august 1 :(
so, our june will be jam packed with summer fun!!
all of these great pictures were taken by the fabulous mckmama on her recent spring break photo shoot adventure!  i just loved the variety of expressions she caught!
and if you click on over to her site now she has a fabulous post up titled
"i'm gonna miss this"
and it's exactly how i feel most days
there are so many things molly is saying right now that are hilarious!  and i keep telling myself to write it down so i don't forget...but then i forget to write it down...thus forgetting what she said!  not good!!

but, here are a few...

if she doesn't know something...she'll say, "i can't know" instead of i don't know

she says i'm her "mostest" and maze (my mom) is her "next mostest" which i think translates into she loves me most and grandma next in line!

she's obsessed with the word "stupid" and how we don't say it, it is a bad word, she never would ever say it...but as she tells me all these things she says the word about 100 times!  (i made the HUGE mistake of beginning a Junie B Jones book with her with that word in the title an after chapter 1 realized why that book should wait until about 1st grade!  because 3 year old's take everything literally!)

lately when she's in trouble she has said she's going to "call the police on me", i asked her where she hears something like that...from said junie b book mentioned above!  i told her we never say that to adults!  she hasn't said it since.

she loved taylor swift's song, "mean"
she loves adele's song, "rumor has it"
she loves listening to all the princess music cd's we have from target
she loves listening to her "jesus songs"
she loves the judds...their classic songs from the '80's!
she is so darn smart!  she remembers everything she hears and picks up on everything so quickly.
she loves learning and playing games with me like matching cards, old maid, and a few other preschool games we have
she usually sneaks into bed with me around 4am and i happily throw back the covers and invite her in 
because i know there will come a day when that will no longer be "cool"
until that moment i am eating up all the times she wants to snuggle with her mama!
she loves her cousins
and when they are all 3 together it is usually chaos mixed with excitement, love, and a few tears!

she also loves our neighbors so much!
they are like our extended family and she darts out the door or out of our yard anytime she sees them outside
sometimes if they aren't outside, she will just go on over and ring their doorbell (about 20 times in a row)
and i'm really thankful for them, especially because she needs all the male influences in her life as she can get
and "pants" (Lance) is like a grandpa to her because if something is broken she knows he'll fix it for her!
as you can tell from these pics, she loves to have a fun time!
she laughs and squeals most of the day and just makes everything fun!
(except those few times when she is "mean" (mad) about something
because, let's be real...we all have bad days!
she LOVES to wear her hairbows!
she keeps them in and reminds me if we are about to leave the house and she doesn't have a hairbow in
she has been good about this from day 1 in china actually!
many girls don't like them or take them out
but, molly has always enjoyed primping with them in the morning!
this week we will begin swim lessons everyday for two weeks
i'm really looking forward to this because i think she will love it!
this will be the first organized class (besides sunday school) that she has participated in
so, i'm interested in seeing how she does with a "teacher"
after swim class, she will start a weekly gymnastics class for the summer
again, i think she will really enjoy this
i'll post in a few weeks about how these things are going!

let summer time begin!!


Dan and Karen said...

I know exactly how you feel Amy! I watch my two girls, and Miss Danika is not even remotely a toddler anymore and Sienna I can only pretend she is still a baby when she is sleeping, otherwise she makes it known she can do it because she is THREE! I haven't been able to give up the crib yet... : ) Let me know if you find a good time freezer!

Becky said...

Yep. She will grow. She will change. She will. But you will always be a mama.

Cori said...

You definitely have a beautiful girl!! My mom had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago and her recovery went well. Hope yours does too!!

Cori said...

You definitely have a beautiful girl there!! My mom had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago and her recovery went well. Hope yours does as well!!

Angie said...

I have been feeling this same way lately and it nearly smothers me. I can't believe it's going so fast!

Emma says, "I can't know" too. So funny!

Praying for your surgery!

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