Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Swimming

this is a big summer, filled with lots of firsts for molly
last monday we started her first day of a two week swim class
i wasn't sure how she would do because it is a 45 minute class without me present
there was lots of talk and explaining going on in the car on the way to class
but, she loves swimming and she was excited to go
i told her not to cry and to be a "big girl"
she went right in and sat in her spot along with the other kids
a few kids were crying and she looked at me and said,
"i not crying mommy, i'm a big girl!  they are crying like babies"

i quietly turned around and walked on out after she called the criers in the group a name!
mrs. sue is the teacher in the center of the pool
she's done this for a long time and is very good
it's a laid back class and really easy going i think
after the first day i asked her to give me a "thumbs up"
she wasn't quite sure how to do that!

 so happy!  she loves the water!

 ready for another day!

 of course she always wants to show off and show me everything they did during the 45 minute class!
 she is not afraid of going under or getting her face wet!

 mrs. sue posts a checklist for moms to look at after each class
molly is the third from the bottom and has all of her checks so far
as does most kids
except if you look closely at the one below it shows only a few kids with a check above
"submerge head for 3-5 seconds"
and yes, molly is included in that elite group!
 ha! i'm only halfway joking
i was only day 3 at this point so the others have time to catch up...
 as she gets older each day i begin to see her personality growing and shaping who she is
she is a major pleas-er, she wants to do well and she wants me, the teacher, (or whoever is in charge) to like her and never be mad or upset with her
she is always telling me after i discipline her for anything..."are you mean at me" or "don't be mean at me"
(mean = mad)
she's a future teachers pet for sure
she is quick to tattle, especially on her cousins when they are around
and she always points to what she is doing right...just in case you didn't see her
("i not crying", "i not saying bad words", "i not running", i am helping, i am cleaning up, etc.)
and i know it's early to determine at 3 years old
but, i think she is going to excel in most things she attempts to do
i hope so!

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