Thursday, July 5, 2012

surgery update and summer stuff

i had my hysterectomy and bladder surgery 2 days ago
i've been home for over 24 hours now and feel great!
recovery has been much easier and better than expected and i only feel a bit of soreness in my abdomen when i get up and down or move in an awkward position

the dr.'s said that everything went great in surgery
i didn't bleed much at all (which may be a factor in my feeling so well so soon?)
and everything went according to plan
she was able to easily remove all of my womb (tubes, ovaries, uterus, and cervix) and was also able to get all of the endometriosis out!  yeah!!

when she got in, she could see it was only attached to the top of my colon (no other organ!) and she was able to detach it without causing any damage.  so now, i'll let my body rest and "re balance" itself for 2 weeks and then i'll go in to see what kind of hormones i may need to be on to help stabilize everything.  

and the urologist was able to successfully put in the bladder sling, no complications there either!
mom is staying with me for a couple of days to help around the house and then i should be good to be on my own again after the weekend.
my dr. said to walk, get out, eat whatever, and just push myself as much as my body was able to.  so that is what i'm doing...slowly building my strength back up for july 27th...our first day of school:(

in the meantime i had a few pics on my camera that i haven't posted from this summer
this is what our summer has looked like so far:

 sorting and piling clothes given to us from madison's hand me downs (love doing that:))
 organizing all of our dvd's into one storage case
i saw this idea on another blog somewhere and it really helped to save storage space as you can see below
 the trash bag is full of all of the cases (see how much room it takes up?)
and molly is holding all of the movies in their new storage case
 and painting...what would a summer be like without me painting???
last summer i was painting our dining room set
and this year i'm painting molly's bedroom furniture
 before surgery i painted all three bedrooms 
we are preparing for mom to move in with us this fall
and so i was shuffling around some furniture to make room for her
she should be all moved in by october :)

and as we were putting her room back together i took a quick picture 
does everyone use under the bed as storage areas in their home? 
my home does not have a lot of storage and so we have to max out every available space
i use bed risers on every bed to help give more room underneath
that also makes the beds look higher than normal...kind of "fancy"
i'll post after pictures of her bedroom as soon as i get some final details finished!

 my handy dandy helper
 molly was ready for the 4th
she has loved riding her tricycle all summer

 these two cats are on our back porch every day lounging and napping
they are so cute!  especially this blonde one, when we step outside he rolls over on his back as if the say "please scratch my belly!"
he is very friendly and lets molly rub and scratch him all over
i don't know where they go at night or who they belong to, but am happy to have them hang out with us during the day and let other people "take care" of them in other ways!  

 and last night i was just getting home and settled from surgery so we didn't have a big fireworks blow out, however molly did dance around in her crown as we watched the macy's fireworks and the fireworks in dc on tv.

 proud to be an american!
 where at least i know i'm free
 and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me

so, i'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today
'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land
God bless the USA


Kristen said...

So glad you are feeling well. Isn't God amazing at what He does to make families? Enjoy what's left of your summer...your school sure starts early! P.S. Molly is a doll!

3 Peanuts said...


I am so glad that your surgery went well and it sounds like your recovery is going well too. I know that can be a tough one. I cannot believe you start school in JULY!!!! Relax and enjoy the rest of your summer:)

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