Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Eddie!

We celebrated Eddie's 5th bithday this weekend
I can't believe that little guy is already 5 and starting school this month
We partied at a local gymnastic studio
and it was so fun!  
especially after this week's awesome Olympic performance from the USA girls!!
 here is my future Olympian!!
 she loves to jump around and tumble
and she would love to take gymnastics but, it is too hard to schedule it in with school and work
that is one thing i have had to realize as a single mom...i can't do everything
rushing from school to gymnastics practice would make us both hungry, cranky, and tired
which would then make the night time and next morning almost impossible
and i just cannot give up my saturday mornings (my day to recuperate!)
to rush out of the house and go to practice
next summer we will try to incorporate gymnastics into our schedule
maybe that will make me feel better about it, ha!


 these twins were adopted from china in december!  
they are so cute!!

 cousins who look alike
one is Hispanic/Caucasian/native american, one is Chinese
i love it!!

the whole family
madison, ambre, eddie III, and eddie IV

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