Friday, September 7, 2012

what's been going on lately...

why i haven't been a nutshell:
school started
molly loves it!
i have a great class and am enjoying the first month of school!
mom moved in with us
we went to a wedding in charlotte, nc over labor day weekend
it's been so busy!!
 molly LOVED the dance floor! this girl likes to shake her groove thang:)
can you see how hot and sweaty her hair is?
she didn't stop all night long
 all of the kids were so cute on the dance floor
but, molly would also go up to men as they were dancing with their wives and hold her hands out
like, "will you dance with me" and every time they would
she cut in and left the wife standing alone on the dance floor
b/c who would say no to this cutie??

 the bride is my second cousin
hailey dyeanne
her mom is my cousin and was named after my mom...kimberly dyeanne
her dress was beautiful!
 this is the father/daughter dance
 her husband, dave
and yes, molly danced with the groom too!

 they got married outside at this gorgeous mansion
just like tara on gone with the wind!
 this is my aunt shelby, she is my mom's sister
kim's mother
 this is my cousin kim, the mother of the bride.  the picture is blurry, but check out her 5" heels!
she is the mother of 11 kids and grandmother of 3!!!!!
i'm totally not joking
she's is so little and fit, always has been
her family is wonderful...her kids range in ages 12-32 (or something like that)
 it rained during the ceremony which made me really sad b/c hailey had put so much time into planning lots of small details for her wedding
but it was still gorgeous!

 as the ceremony began, a rainbow appeared in the sky
a full rainbow and we were right in the center of it
i couldn't get a complete picture of it
but this is when they first noticed it

 we totally surprised everyone and they didn't' know we were coming!
my aunt judy popped into the bridal suite before the wedding and surprised them first
and then mom, me, and molly all came in
they were all shocked!
 is that a princess dress or what?

a fun weekend!

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Love for Lilly Yin said...

I wish I would have known you were in Charlotte! That is where WE are! I would have at least met you on the interstate and gave a hug or two! Great job on the pics!

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