Sunday, September 30, 2012

Epcot, Thursday

by thursday morning, we were so tired!
she fell asleep holding onto her new pluto dog and never let him go all night!
so cute!

 we did have to wake early to go to our breakfast reservations at akershus
this character dining was really good, not quite as loud and hectic as tusker house
it is part buffet and part table service
the food was really good!

and she once again got a birthday cupcake!
i'm telling you, going on a birthday week is a great time to get some "extras"!
 after breakfast we were free to enjoy the park at our own leisure
since we were in norway for breakfast, we went ahead and rode the maelstrom which is a viking ship boat ride
we were right beside mexico, so we quickly got on the gran fiesta tour with the three cabelleros
this was another gentle but fun boat ride

then we ran into chip & dale

so adorable!

 these were probably our favorite two things at the park!  she really loved them!

we went to all of the other pavilions and most of the attractions she was tall enough for
she really loved it

after the pavilions, we went through the world showcase

 we saw pooh and tigger in the united kingdom

 i love all of the architecture in the united kingdom
it is so quaint!

 the landscaping was gorgeous!

 unfortunately, we just missed belle and the beast who were at france
the beast was one thing on her "list" to see that we never got to see on this trip
but in morocco, we did see jasmine and Aladdin
 interestingly enough, there were a lot more dads in line to meet jasmine
they must really like that movie! ha!

 that night we had dinner reservations in mexico 
we were so tired, but the food was great
we actually left before the nighttime fireworks because we just didn't have the energy to wait and then fight through the crowds!

on another trip, i would split epcot into 2 days
molly did really good, but it was a long day :)

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