Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hollywood Studios

ok, so i'm finally wrapping up all of my disney posts
i just wanted to right about as much as i could remember so i could always look back and see how much we crammed into 5 days!

our final day was spent in hollywood studios
we did not have a lot of time here, but got to see the two things that were at the top of our lists:
both of these were fantastic! 

 we left after lunch and went back to the hotel to load the magical express to the airport
at the airport molly was just as excited to see these statues and pose with them!

and as we walked through the food court she let out a scream when she saw they had krispie kreme doughnuts!  
seriously the child was as excited to see krispie kreme as she was to go to the magic kingdom 3 days in a row!
i could have saved my money and just taken her to get some doughnuts for her birthday...such is the mind of a 4 year old

but seriously, she did love the trip and by the end of the week she was ready to stay much longer
i wish we had the time to add a few days

but, i'm already looking ahead to see when we might can go again
she said she wanted to come again next year when she turns 5! 
i'm not sure about that, but maybe!!

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Anonymous said...

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