Saturday, October 6, 2012

ehcs homecoming

this was homecoming week at molly's school
last night we went to the football game
 she thought this was great half time entertainment!
the girls all rode around the track in convertibles and molly said she wanted to do that
i thought this pic was so cute with all the parents on the sidelines taking pictures
 i'm sure those moms are asking where the years have gone
i couldn't help but think of the day my girl will be in high school
then, i got teary eyed and stopped thinking of such things!!
 the elementary choir sang the alma matter
so cute!
 for the week leading up to the game they had special dress up days
this was "dress to impress"

 some of molly's magnificent work!

 i love these eagles greeting you as you enter her hallway
(that is there school mascot)
 this was "tacky day"
it was so funny, as i was looking in her closet i told mom
"molly doesn't have any tacky clothes"! ha
so, we made a quick trip to goodwill
these pants were perfect!
right from the 70's for sure!

 and these hairbows were handmade for me...back in the late 70's!
for some reason mom kept them and we came across them as she was moving this summer
so i got them out and thought they were the perfect accessory for tacky day!

 back to the game...molly loves popcorn!

 they had a nice alumni reception after halftime
and we enjoyed some snacks!
here she is with her teacher and a few "tacky" friends
and here she is with another friend..."dressed to impress"

she continues to love school
and that makes me one happy mommy!

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