Friday, October 19, 2012

somewhere between

i'm so thankful this movie was playing in nashville this week!
it is the wonderful story of 4 different girls who were adopted from china
we get to see their questions, experiences, and many parts of their life now as teenagers

it was so empowering, because it showed the many different parts of adoption (specifically china adoption) that we don't know about or don't think about on a daily basis

the 4 girls who are featured are so articulate and well spoken
i was so impressed by their composure during filming and by their amazing families

one of the families lives here in nashville, the girl's name is haley
she is adorable and was able to be at the showing along with her mom and the director of the film
we had a quick q & a afterwards

haley was able to locate her biological parents in china, must see the film to witness how quickly this happened!
the other 3 girls are mixed with emotions...some would like to reconnect with their families and some don't have that desire

they talk about their competitive nature, some obsessively so!
they discuss their feelings of the word "abandon"
one of the girls was abandoned at age 5 and remembers the event vividly.

it's heart wrenching at times and made me wonder what molly's path will be like
if she will wonder of her birth family
if she would ever want to know them and how i would feel about that...

i can't imagine it now because deep inside i would worry that they would try to get her back
i know that couldn't really happen, but it's every mother's fear
that we would loose our child...adopted or born of us either way
and then the other part of me wants them to know she is well, taken care of, healthy and loved.

as i watched the girls and listened to them i saw molly in each of them
amazing, wonderful, and beautiful young women
each reflecting on the amazing journey of their life so far
i'm so thankful they shared their lives for us!

i just can't speak enough about it and i certainly can't put it all into words
but, it will be out on dvd in February
so if you can't see it now, get it then
all adoptive families should see it
it will give you something to think about for sure!!

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Tricia said...

I have been thinking about going to see it. It is not coming to BHM but is coming to ATL. That is a little rough of a trip but I may try to make it if you really liked it that much! Hope you and Molly and your mom are doing well. Happy Fall sweet friend!

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