Saturday, November 3, 2012

halloween night

this year for halloween molly had 3 costume choices...a cupcake, bumblebee, and a horse
for the actual halloween night she chose to be a bumblebee

 our neighbors were heading out to their church's trunk or treat party dressed as little red riding hood and the wolf
they had their van totally decked out for the part...

 molly was all happy and excited about it until she looked inside 
this is what she saw...
 isn't that hilarious??
he "paneled" his van, put a headboard and reading light in, and then had air mattresses laying inside!

 is that the funniest thing you ever have seen???

 after that, we were back to our house for our halloween party
i didn't take a picture of any food, but it was so good!
yummy halloween punch
taco soup
 of course we had candy can't have hallween without them!
deviled eggs
chips & cheese dip
and snack mix

we ate all night long...

 these are the cutest trick or treaters ever!
this is eliana (our sweet friend who was in our china travel group), molly, madison, and eddie
 jessie, bumblebee, cat, and a pirate
 eddie cracked us up all night with the one eyed/big hat difficulties he encountered!
he was always bringing up the rear and immediately fell twice right at the start of trick or treating
i felt bad for him, but it was hilarious too because he kept tilting his head sideways to try and see out of one eye...and then the big hat would make him off balance!

 as you can see...these girls have FUN together!
eliana is only a few months older than molly

 i love this picture:

 and off we go...

 and of course you know i love this...
as soon as we got home all the kids dumped out their candy and eddie immediately started sorting & organizing his candy!
how smart is he!
 our neighbors, lance & nancy...otherwise known as little red riding hood and the wolf!

 the night after halloween we sorted and organized molly's candy in preparation for the switch witch!

 so  much candy!!

 these are some of the "other" items in her treat bag
 and the best treat of all:
you can read more about the halloween switch witch here:
this year we put out all of our candy on november 1st
she was able to pick out 4 pieces to keep since she's 4 years old
and the rest we gave to the switch witch!
 the next morning she was able to see the gift the witch left her
(a small fur real puppy, forgot to photo it)

we had a great "halloweek" and now i'm exhausted!!!

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