Saturday, November 3, 2012

class halloween party

molly's first school halloween party was this week on halloween day
technically it's a "harvest party", but whatever
i'm not into being politically correct about these things

my name is amy maze and i celebrate halloween!
i love halloween
halloween night is my favorite night of the year
adults are the only ones who "corrupt" the meaning of this holiday
it's for children, it's ok to let kids be kids these days you know

ok, now i got that off my chest :)
we signed up to bring halloween cupcakes
and molly picked out a special "monster" design for us to use

 i was happy about this because it is the easiest thing to make
it's just a big swirl of icing and two eyes
we made mini cupcakes, because her class is 3 and 4 year olds
but you could do big ones too
 she got to pick out the icing colors too which was fun because then we learned about what colors make orange
our final product was red, orange, and blue monsters
but i didn't get a picture with the blue ones
my icing was too soft to do this neatly
if it is a little firm and with a special "tip" you could actually do monster hair
it's supposed to look like this:
Spiky Monster Cupcakes

but, i was letting a 4 year old do most of it
they tasted just as yummy!!

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