Tuesday, November 6, 2012

happy election day!

since this is molly's first presidential election i wanted her to be able to experience democracy at it's finest
i know she doesn't really "get it" at 4 years old
but i wanted to document our voting process for her
 the next time we vote for president she will be 8 years old
then 12 years old
16 years old
so after a mere 4 presidential terms she will be voting for herself and making her own decisions
i'm still debating on whether i need to take her picture as she votes at 20 years old! ha!
 i will definitely compare these pictures election to election so we can see how much she grows
 i do like to stay semi-informed on political concerns
i never have 100% assurance in any candidate because...well we are all human
there are far too many problems with our government today
but, i'm so thankful for the freedom to voice my opinion and vote

 i let her press the final buttons
 and submit the final ballot
 she thought that was great!

and here we are together
i wonder how much i will age in 4 years???

1 comment:

Becky said...

I remember when my daughter voted with me for the first time. She wasn't four - she was old enough to vote. I think it is neat that Molly went with you. I grew up overseas and at 16 attended my first basketball game in America. When they played the National Anthem, it hit me - I am an American.

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