Saturday, November 10, 2012

santa came to town!

we were out bright and early read to greet santa claus and welcome him to town for the next month
the nutcracker ballet performed while we waited

 after his entrance we followed him to the picture area and got our photo taken
we were lucky to be in the front of a very long line!
 molly loves santa claus!!

 she was all ready to tell him what she wanted for christmas
 this year she saw some giraffes at a toy store and just fell in love with them
so, she told santa she wanted a giraffe family...a mom, dad, and a baby
santa looked confused, but she went on and explained that she didn't want real giraffes
just stuffed animals! ha!
 after pictures, we did a little shopping
and came upon her next favorite thing right now...horses!
 right now, the only thing she loves to play with is lions, tigers, horses, etc.
if she doesn't have an animal in her hand, she has to pretend to be an animal

 after our trip to the mall we made a quick dash over to the nashville symphony because i knew a great performance was scheduled:
Disney in Concert: Magical Music from the Movies

i didn't preorder tickets because i wasn't sure of our schedule
but we were able to snag 2 last minute tickets on the front row
and this was literally the best concert/performance i've ever seen
it was so good!
they went through the musical scores of all the famous disney hit movies and also have 4 awesome singers sing to many of the songs
they had a large screen that showed all the movies while the songs were playing
it was great and molly loved it!
 before the concert, they had a musical "petting zoo" where all the kids could try playing them
this was a great experience too
 molly really loves music, singing, and "playing" instruments
i hope she continues this enthusiasm for music as she get older

 and this is my favorite!

we had a great day out!
she was asleep in the car within 5 minutes!


Mrs. Cozy Home said...

What an adorable outfit! We love the Nutcracker in our house too ... looking forward to our performance next month!

Becky said...

You do so many fun things together! You are making some really great memories. Molly, I love horses too! My dad had me riding with him when I was probably less than 2 years old.

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