Saturday, November 3, 2012

pumpkin carving & mousekin

you can check out molly's first pumpkin carving here
time flies

 molly loves getting her hands in there and scooping out the insides

 she wanted to save all the gooky stuff to "cook" with1
 she told me what shapes to cut and i followed her directions..
round eyes with eyelashes
a square nose
and a happy smile... with no teeth! ha!

recently i heard of the 'mousekin' books for the first time
unfortunately they are mostly out of print
and my favorite book...mousekin's golden house is selling for over $100 online
but, i have searched high and low to find some in our local libraries
and finally found a few titles to read with molly

this is the best one:
 mousekin is a little mouse who finds a home in a thrown out jackolantern in the woods
so, today we took our jackolantern and stuffed it with feathers, nuts, and leaves that we found outside
all the things we thought a mouse may need for winter time
and we carefully placed it in the "woods"

it was so fun!

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