Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas day

christmas day
i had waited for christmas day for a long time!
i never thought it could be true, but i think the anticipation is even more as a parent for sure
 i often make the mistake of buying throughout the year for christmas and then as the months pass i forget what i  bought
so, sometimes christmas eve is even more interesting as i unpack the closet and see what i purchased back in june or july! ha!
this year molly wanted 3 main things:  a giraffe family, a horse, and a stable
 as summer and fall passed i realized she needed to graduate from her tricycle to a bicycle and bought this as a surprise
she loves to ride her tricycle in our culdesac, so she'll love this too!
 here is her giraffe family waiting for her on christmas morning
 she also got bolt; she originally saw this stuffed animal in disney and wanted it
i didn't buy it, b/c i never saw the movie
but she kept asking for it, so i ordered it for christmas
he is a cute dog, but i don't like the movie {kind of wierd} 
but she loves it!
i also get those songs and story cd's from target, this year she got nemo
they have about 4 songs each and then a 15 minute story
sometimes i'll play the story at bedtime if she's having a hard time falling asleep
 and of course, butterscotch!
this horse is so cute!

 all of these musical items santa found at goodwill throughout the year
 she put out her two white cats to "watch" for santa
 it was so funny on christmas morning
she slept later than she ever has! ha!  
mom and i waited and waited for her to wake up
finally after 8ish she came out and noticed her bicycle first
 it didn't take long for her to notice all the rest of her loot

 she was so excited!

 she got a couple trains
 a tiana playhouse

 a buzz lightyear
 the after christmas mess...

 naturally it was very cold on christmas
we've had warm weather so far this season
but now we are in for some cold weather and it will be hard to ride her bike

she practiced some in the garage
 and yes, bolt went inside the baby carrier! ha!

 and then we bundled up for a practice spin

 aunt nancy came out to see her
and then uncle jeff came by to eat christmas breakfast with us 
he brought farm fresh bacon and sausage from his brothers pig farm
he gave molly totoro which is a disney move based in china

overall we had a wonderful christmas day!  while molly watched her movie i started taking christmas decorations down.  kind of crazy, but i was ready to get my house cleaned up and reorganized.  today i finished the inside of the house...tree and all.  i have a little over a week left of vacation and want to enjoy it with molly.  it will be a long semester ahead and i need to be ready!
i hope you all enjoyed your christmas day!

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