Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas eve

 this is the sunday before christmas day
molly's christmas dress was a strasburg dress from my aunt judy
it was so cute!
 she had on her fancy bracelets and red patent shoes
but she fell from her play horse the day before and busted her lip :(

 i rarely get my picture made these days
i hate the way i look right now
but, for documentation sake here i am...

 on christmas eve molly and i stayed home, in our pj's all day and prepared for the big day
cookies needed to be made for santa
 i found the best recipe for santa sugar cookies here
 molly savored the opportunity to put icing on the cookies and top them with "glitter"

 they turned out so cute!
 they were delicious too!
 at the end of the day we got dressed for the christmas eve service at my home church

 it was a sweet service with some great music to prepare our hearts for christmas day

molly was so was coming soon!!

 after church we had to get ready for santa and his reindeer
so we put out reindeer food in the yard so they could clearly spot our house

then, we had to go over to our neighbors house to have christmas with them
aunt nancy always has the best games and toys!
 we came home to put out the cookies and milk for santa
write a letter to him
and check the chimney to make sure it was "all clear"

Christmas Eve 2012
4 years old

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I've read your blog since you brought Molly home. What great pictures, she is a doll! You look great too. Molly will love having pictures of you, you are her mom and are just perfect in her eyes:).
Loved the Santa cookies!

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