Saturday, December 15, 2012

my little ballerina

last weekend molly had her first "recital"
i use the term loosely because it was only a 1 minute "performance"

she take dance after school on wednesdays for 45 minutes
her school offers this as part of their fine arts program
it makes it really nice for me because as a single working mom i can't find time for much these days
and her being able to take dance at school means that i don't have to take time away from "home time" in order for her to go to practice
i love that!
so these are some of the youngest dancers in the program
the 4-5 year olds
and they are so cute!!
this recital also included students taking guitar and piano after school
these two girls played solos with their moms
i thought that was so cute!

molly kept her eyes on the instructor to the side of the "stage"
it's so cute!
i have pictures of me at the age at a ballet recital and all of the girls were doing somthing different as well

and she was so excited to have her cousins there to watch!!!
thankful for days like this!

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