Saturday, December 15, 2012

thankful and heartbroken

the news coverage yesterday and this morning weighs heavy on my heart
i'm thankful beyond words to be snuggling with my little one on this windy, rainy, dreary day
our christmas plans & excitement still on schedule for the coming weeks
 but, for the parents and family of these 20 little ones in connecticut their plans and excitement have turned to despair in the most difficult way
i simply cannot imagine what they are going through and i don't know how one can continue with life after you've lost a child in this way
 i've prayed for protection over molly, eddie, and madison continuously this morning
but, that's not to say these families had never asked for the same thing for their children
you never know what is going to happen in your lifetime
but, you have to continue to have faith in Jesus

to have faith that only he can provide

 i just pray these parents can have closure at some point
to grieve their loss
and to think of all the good memories of their children
 let's all remember our children, schools, and teachers this weekend
i pray that no other school would experience such a tragedy again

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Anonymous said...

Very well reading you "Molly" updates......

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