Saturday, January 26, 2013

girls gatlingburg getaway weekend

i was blessed to get away with some of my best girlfriends last weekend
girls only---no kiddos allowed!
this was the first time i left molly for a whole weekend
we survived our separation
and i actually enjoyed it so much!
 we stayed in the cutest little cabin in the mountains
the views were gorgeous
it had just snowed there a day earlier and we were able to capture some of the beautiful remnants of snow
without dealing with snow covered roads, thank goodness!

 i love this little village of mountain cabins with snow covered rooftops!  so idyllic!

 i actually had to use the snow shovel a bit to make a pathway to the steps/door
it was icy and slick and we didn't want anyone to have an accident on our getaway!

 this was so relaxing!  there was a small kitchen, laundry, dining, living room, and 2 bedrooms/bathrooms

 the fireplace pretty much stayed on 24/7
it was wonderful!

 we re-created christmas morning our first morning there!
we all share gifts and i made a yummy breakfast
 this was a christmas morning french toast casserole
it was really delicious!
christmas morning menu:  french toast casserole, bacon, fruit, and christmas morning punch!

 we could barely fit all of our things inside the car
i mean, seriously it was a tight fit
i need to remember to rent an suv or van next time!
deb and amber
 this view was so gorgeous!!

 we did have 2 bedrooms with king beds in each
i didn't take a picture before i jumped in it, but wanted to remember!!
i got to sleep in a king size bed by myself all weekend without a 4 year old stabbing me in the side with her cold feet!
single mothers everywhere should rejoice for me!!!!!!
 so here is 3/4 of the girlfriend gang!
amber, me, and deb
our friend candace couldn't make the trip with us and we were so sad about that!
at the last minute her father was hospitalized so she was with her family
however, we will get together with her soon!
these girls and i have been friends since 1998 where we all met one summer while working at a youth camp
we bonded that summer and have remained friends ever since
we have weathered happy times and sad times together
we have lost parents, fought cancer, walked through adoption, bought houses, sold houses, gotten engaged, gotten married, broken engagements, changed careers, dated, had children, had surgeries, gained weight, lost weight, dreamed together, and shared life together
although we live in 4 separate places, when we get together we pick up right where we left off!
 gatlinburg from the ski lift
 i think the ski lift is one of the most vintage-gatlinburg experiences
others inlcude:  airbrush tshirts, old time photos, fudge, pancake pantry, and black bears
our favorite little shopping area behind pancake pantry
so cute!

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