Saturday, January 26, 2013

barnum & bailey circus

today molly and i went to the barnum and bailey circus
this is her 3rd time going to the circus
each time it comes around i look forward to going
i know there will be a time when she will no longer be interested in going to the circus
so i'm soaking up these years!
you can look back at our previous circus trips here and here
here she is in 2011

here she is in 2012

here she is today

 the elephants are always super fun to watch!
 and i was actually just stretching like this earlier today!
do they even have any bones in their bodies??

 we were really impressed with "mufasa"

 a thumbs up for a great day!

 a happy girl!

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groovy mama said...

Just popping by to say HI GIRLS:)


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