Sunday, February 17, 2013

mid february update

i can't believe February is 1/2 way over!  
time flies when you are a busy mom for sure.  
we've had a fun filled week after recuperating from a sick weekend last week

i've been researching cars/suvs/vans for a while and bought a new (to us) nissan quest this weekend!
my little 1998 honda accord was a good car and i was a bit sentimental to it
i had it for 10 years and it still ran good, but i needed more space and a bit more security for road trips this spring and summer with molly
i decided you just can't beat a van for space and comfort, so i got a great deal on this van!
molly calls it a "bus" and wanted her car seat to be in the very back
it's been fun adjusting to a new car this weekend!
 between my teacher gifts and molly's v-day gifts we racked up on chocolate!
kids are so funny, they couldn't wait to walk into the classroom last week and give me their box of chocolates!
especially the boy who brought be the biggest heart in the back of the picture there!

and look here...
don't be jealous of my mexican dancing doll a student's mom made for me!
wow!  he was so proud as i pulled this out of the gift sack on Valentines day
i didn't quite know what to say!
my grandmother would have loved this!!
today molly wore her chinese new year dress to church since we were sick last week
a friend gave us this outfit from china and we've been waiting until she was big enough to fit into it
it looked so pretty!

 i cleaned up my house this weekend because it was so dirty from us using the fireplace all winter
i have gas logs and i think something must not be working because i had a thin layer of soot all over the den
i closed it up for the spring...hope we don't have anymore snow days ahead!
 i put away the valentines decor and brought out the st. patricks day stuff
that little frame has this quote:
Image of Charles Dickens March - FREE
i downloaded the printable from here

 and here were my valentines/chinese new year decor...

finally, my grandma sherrill who has been in a nursing home for a year is not doing well
it's hard to predict when anyone's final day will be
but, she is not able to swallow and she has been asleep for 2 days now
she's still breathing on her own, but it is becoming more labored
we expect her to pass on sometime this week
will you pray that it will be swift and pain free?
you can look back on some posts i have done on her here

she's precious and deserves a dignified death...whatever that may mean


Anonymous said...

Oh sorry to read about your Grandma Sherrill. Your stories about her always reminded me of my Granny. If she hasn't already passed I will pray that she is able to pass with peace and love surrounding her.

Becky said...

I am sorry about your Grandma. My mom passed away last Spring and it was not the calm death I anticipated. I pray your Grandma goes much more peacefully.

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