Sunday, February 3, 2013

snow day!

this winter has been cold and wet
but not cold enough for snow...
this is not good for teachers across the district! ha!

however, we did have our first snow day on friday and it was glorious!
however, it wasn't really much snow to speak of:(
then on saturday morning we got a surprise round 2!
and, still wasn't much to speak of but it was just enough to play in for a while
and so we did
 molly was so excited!  it finally snowed enough to play in

 we were the only ones in our neighborhood common area
i couldn't believe other kids weren't out playing
this always amazes me when it snows
why aren't the kids out playing??

 we had to make snow angels

 everytime she sled down the hill
she would get up and make another snow angel

 it's so fun to play and roll around in the snow!
you just have to smile and laugh

 she would hike up the hill dragging her sled behind her
 never complaining or tiring
we played for about an hour
and our faces were frozen!!

 finally on our way home she dragged her sled through all of our neighbors yards because the streets were already melted

 she had to eat a little snow

 somehow i don't look nearly as cute as she does on this early saturday morning in my snow gear!!


Betsy said...

Awww, what a perfect way to spend a snowy, Saturday morning! :)

Becky said...

I grew up in PR and my grandma would sometimes freeze snowballs for us to see when we came back in the Summer. I still love snow!

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