Sunday, March 24, 2013

build a bear birthday party

for our 3rd birthday party this month
we celebrated cousin kayla's 5th birthday @ build a bear in the mall
it was a cute and fun party
 of course the kids loved making their own stuffed animal!

 molly's favorite part of the build a bear store is the bathtub cleaning area
in fact, if we are just out shopping i will take her in there
she'll choose a couple of the small dogs (her favorites)
clean them, brush them, and put them back on the shelf for their owners to find them!
so cute!
i love that {for now} she's content to play a while and not beg for items!
she's not into the clothes, shoes, or any accessories.
she only cares about the dogs, collars, leashes, and dog houses!
 kayla and her dad, fortino
 molly wouldn't put her dog in a box! ha!

fun bunch!!

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