Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring break fun

molly's spring break was last week
and i was off last week plus this week
this is the first year we've had 2 weeks for spring break and it is so nice!!

i wanted to sneak off on a fun trip, but we had so much to do here in town i decided to stay home
the weather was cold, rainy, and dreary
but we made the most of it!
 we started off by celebrating st. patrick's day!
 and we did a little yard work to keep up our 'yard of the month' award! ha!

 we got ready for easter and dyed easter eggs! 
so much fun!

our one sunny day was a bit chilly, but we donned our spring outfits and went to cheekwood for a spring tea

 we bought matching sparkling silver shoes for summer!
thanks walmart!
 the tea was in a beautiful sunroom at the cheekwood mansion
it was decorated so pretty!
we sat with some lovely ladies and another little girl molly's age!

 the flowers are just beginning to bloom
the weather is confusing them i think!

 the trains are still there! 
molly loves them!!
 and she calls this little house, snow white's house

 there is still one treehouse there from last summer
she loves it!  it has this little swing under it.
 after cheekwood we were off to phillips toy mart where they have real live rabbits each year
and they are so cute, it makes you want to buy one for sure!
but, we won't!

 i loved this little cluster of rabbits, especially the ones lopped over on top of each other!
she would have crawled in with them if she could have!

now, we are preparing for back to school for 8 more weeks until summer break!  
let the countdown begin!!

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