Saturday, April 27, 2013

a princess party

molly was invited to a princess tea party last weekend
the birthday girl was one of her classmates and the party was so cute!
 molly would only wear a princess shirt, not a princess dress
but, i thought once she got there with the other girls she may dress up
she has about 5 different princess dresses and never wears them!  
much to my dismay, she would rather be a dog, lion, or horse! ha!

 they had real china!  so cute!!

 tiaras on a tray
and the cake was so cute!

 so many dresses to choose from, but as you see molly stood firm in not wearing a dress!
peer pressure can't even break this girl, i hope that stubbornness is steered in the right direction in the future!

 they had a young girl dressed in a fancy dress as the "princess" and took pictures for us all to take home!

 all the girls looked so cute!!

 the princess read a story
 the birthday girl is so cute!!!

 time for presents and then dance time!

a fun day!!

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