Saturday, April 27, 2013

saturday fun

molly and i kind of hibernated during the winter time on saturdays, but now that it's spring again we are busy with fun things to do!
the nashville symphony has kid's concerts about 4 times a year and we've gone to some of them before
i bought season tickets for us this year and we went to the first one a couple weeks ago
 it's a short 45 minute concert and they have a symphony "petting zoo" prior to the concert
this week the theme was under the sea and they began the concert with the jaws theme...classic!
and then did pieces from the pirates of the carribean to the little mermaid!
it was great and molly loves to pretend to be the conductor!

 we caught a few blooming signs of spring!  
after the concert we walk right over to the country music hall of fame and eat lunch at a cafe
it's a great place to people watch!  and there is solo guitarist molly loves to watch!

a perfect way to spend a saturday!!

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