Saturday, April 13, 2013

here and there

i can never think of appropriate blog post titles!
but, there you go...these pics are just some random ones from march

it was so cold, wet, and rainy through much of march 
but this little knit poodle dress was perfect for church
still comfy and warm!

 my friend candace was in town for a day and we went over to visit for a while
her son, shepherd and molly are already betrothed
they just don't know it yet
thumbs up for arranged marriages!!!!
you can take a look back at their first encounter here

 then we had an egg hunt

 over spring break, we broke out the old elefun game
molly loves that game 
it's been a favorite for a couple of years!

 and finally, last week she wore this cute farm animal smocked dress
i have so many dresses it's ridiculous
i've just collected them for so long and she's still at the size she can get into a 2, 3, or 4 really
i think this one is a size 2

 mom says at 4.5, she's outgrowing the smocked dresses
i just close my ears!!!
she's growing up way too fast!!

i have lots of other things going on right now
i'm in the process of re certifying for national board (nbpts)
that is taking lots of time mainly b/c i put it off to the last minute!

of course end of the school year stuff is right around the corner!

i'm planning our summer vacation, which i can't wait for!

and, i have some exciting things happening this summer that i look forward to blogging about soon.

1 comment:

Betsy said...

She's so cute. Glad things are going well, even if they are busy. :)

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