Tuesday, July 9, 2013

summer fun!

the summer is quickly slipping by and molly and i are trying to make the most of it!
here she is ready to celebrate the 4th in her red, white, and blue!

 we went to an intro gymnastics class to see how molly liked it
and it was so cute with all the little girls running around

 i really liked this place because it is christian based, the little group of girls started with a bible verse and talked about what it meant
then throughout the class (1 hour) the teacher reminded them of right/left, colors, numbers, etc.  
it is so good for this age (4-5) to learn to follow directions from someone besides their mom! ha!
 molly loved the trampoline station

 then, this activity had them lay flat and pick up a stuffed animal with their feet and put in the trashcan sitting at their head.  that takes quite a bit of flexibility!

 this one had her hold a bean bag between her feet and roll (like a hot dog) down the mat!
 and the cartwheel station...

after class we spent some time at our outdoor water park
it's so fun!!

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