Sunday, July 21, 2013

July update & a big announcement coming soon

where or where has the time gone this summer??
seems like i just turned around and boom we're at the end of july!
there's been a lot going on around our house so here is a quick update of most of it...

 little red riding hood dress with angel sleeves, so cute!
 molly spent 3 hours a day last week at drama camp at our local children's theater
it was really fun for her
and she desperately needed to get out of the house and be with some peers before school started!
 on the last day they had a 30 minute "show and tell" for parents so we could see what they were up to
basically each day they read a story and then acted it out with drama and made some sort of arts & crafts/puppet to go along with it
 of course, molly loved the drama part because many of the stories were about animals
so she got to pretend to be a dog, cat, pig, or horse

 her graduation "cap"
 mom took some pictures of all of our blooms in our yard
they are so pretty right now as we've had so much rain this spring and summer
 my elephant ears are so big and they multiply like crazy!
anybody need some bulbs at the end of the season?  because i'm telling you i always have so many!
i just wrap the bulb in newspaper and store in the garage for the winter and then replant in the spring of each year.
they probably could stay planted through winter, but i wasn't so sure

 all of my flowers this year are some shade of pink
each year i try to choose a specific color...last year was red, white, and blue and they were pretty too
i get ideas from the landscaped areas of neighborhoods around me and have a pretty idea for next year!

and so finally, i have a big announcement coming!
i know you hate it when people lead you on and don't tell until later
but i've been working towards something really significant and i'm going to announce it via video later today...
meanwhile i wondered if anybody has any guesses as what i'm going to announce?
a very few people already know, but mostly this will be a surprise
so go ahead, and guess!  
i'll be back later tonight with a short video...


Cori said...

Is Molly going to be a big sister : )

Dan and Karen said...

Second adoption is my guess...hope I'm right!

Anonymous said...

Hummm...... Puppy? Or better yet....a little sister?

Cheryl said...

I've Miss Molly is always paying attention when she is learning new things. Such a smart girly!

Can't wait for your news, getting married? Adopting a girl? Hurry up and tell us!

Melissa said...

My guess is that you are adopting again. I love reading your blog.

caryn said...

No guess but can't wait to find out!

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