Tuesday, July 9, 2013

summer vacation

we spent several days in sunny florida over the july 4th holiday
only problem was...we never saw the sun! ha!
it rained every single day and we only got to the beach twice:(
 it was molly's longest road trip and she did well
here is the rest stop in huntsville, al
it is a very pretty area and she enjoyed seeing the rocket!

 we met up with my brother and his family when we got to florida
molly LOVES being with her cousins!!
madison read to the on the first night

 eddie spent quite a bit of time at the grocery store stocking up the kitchen for the whole family!
he got us some pretty fruit to make a fruit salad for our first morning there

 i took my sno cone maker and the kids had sno cones about 2-3 times/day
we had to make the most of our yucky weather!

 our first time at the beach was only a short 1-2 hour visit
but molly loved it all!

 she spent a lot of time being a "dog" on the beach! she's so funny!

 (again as a "dog", see her tongue out like she's panting??)

 we were lucky the rain stopped long enough for the fireworks on the 4th!

 and here is our 2nd trip to the beach for a short while between the rain

 here, mama maze & eddie are cold from the wind and rain!
 and on our last night we squeezed in some customary white & khaki beach family pics!
right after we got on the beach it started sprinkling so we had to rush!

 a few "staged) pics with a starfish from the condo!

 mama maze and her grandbabies!

 umbrellas on the beach??

 eddie holding up a random umbrella for their family pic!

all in all it was a good vacation
the weather didn't cooperate, but i think the kids had fun anyway
and we got lots of rest time in!

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