Saturday, October 19, 2013

all star movies, animal kingdom, and & 1900 park fare

for our 3rd day at disney we decided to sleep in late and take a mid morning swim at our hotel
for 2 nights during our week stay, we stayed at the disney value resort...all star movies
the disney resorts definitely have perks...magical express, great pools, and the quick service food court on site
the down side is they are very big resorts and nothing is really "convenient" unless you stay in one of the first buildings close to the main check in site

 we were in the mighty duck building 
 each section is build and designed after a movie...101 dalmations, fantasia, toy story, ...

 our building was the farthest away
we walked through the dalmation buildings which were so cute!

 the pool area was awesome, there are actually 2 pools and we swam in both of them!

 these are the new "magic bands" disney is starting to use
they are your theme park ticket, room key, credit card, photo pass, virtually everything you need on a bracelet
you just scan that little mickey head and you are done!
 after our morning of leisure, we were off to animal kingdom
we got rained out of this park last year and missed a lot of it

 it's a bug's life was first
very cute, but at the end molly got freaked out because it felt like little bugs were crawling on the benches we were sitting on!
 then to triceratops spin

 and finding nemo, the musical
very good!
 we made it to the afternoon parade
this was a great one!
very colorful and fun!

 after the parade, it was time for a funnel cake
the ducks enjoyed our crumbs!

 we got to see some characters that aren't usually at the big Pocahontas!

 the park closed at 6 and we were off to the grand floridian for dinner
1900 park fare
 the grand floridian is simply gorgeous
my photos don't do it justice

 as we waited for our table, we enjoyed this piano player
all the little kids came up and gave him "requests" of their favorite disney song
this character meal is a buffet, which is not my favorite
the characters are cinderella, prince charming, the step sisters and step mother
molly enjoyed meeting them and they were all great!

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